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When it comes to men looking taller and stylish,  there are a number of places to consider.  Elevator shoes  first became popular in the 1970’s. Platform shoes used to be very noticeable. For us shorter guys, it was no secret that we were trying to get a boost. Everyone noticed that short guys were wearing shoes with height increasers. When the elevator brand launched, over time made he years they started making more stylish shoes that weren’t so obvious.

As time progressed, shoe makers improved shoe making technology and started focusing on hiding the insoles, so no one would be wise to the fact that you were wearing shoes that made you look taller.  No there are fashion shoe makers like Luxury Elevator Shoes makers of fine Italian shoes with an increase. They make exceptional height increasing shoes for both men and women.

The great thing about these stylish, made made shoes is that others will never notice that you are wearing heightening shoes. They will look completely natural and will add several inches to your height. If you are  shorter than the average man, you will really appreciate. There are literally hundreds of styles of shoes and boots to choose from. The height increasing boots typically give you the highest boost of to to 5 inches. If you are 5 fee 6″ tall, that will make you 5 feel 11″ tall. You will no longer have to be the shortest guy in the room. You will be able to look other guys directly in the eye and you will always be taller than your date.

We talked with Stephen Scott, marketing director for high school diploma online who is 5 feet 4″ inches tall and he loves these shoes. He spends a lot of time networking with other professionals in the online education marketing space. Stephen works with Excel High School and accredited online high school online high school diploma and college business degree online.


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